Shiah Dee Coy

2012 AQHA Bay Dun Mare


EE Aa DD - Homozygous Dun and Black

4 Panel, IMM, LWOS negative, n/Gbed

In Foal and Due June 2022 to Xceptionalism 

Foal will be 4 Panel Negative by Parentage (will test for gbed), and guaranteed to be homozygous black and dun

Color Possibilities


Bay Dun

Sire: Joakers Revenue x Nitros Revenue who has ABRA Halter and Dun Factor Points

Dam: Nitros Nifty Dee Coy x Nitros Nifty Drifter - Nitros Nifty Dee Coy accomplishments include ABRA Honor Roll, Halter ROM Open/Ammy, Dun Factor ROM. Nitros Nifty Drifter - ABRA Bronze Medallion Dun Factor, Superior Halter, Superior Dun Factor, 6x Honor Roll, ROM in Open/Ammy Halter